Pathless Yoga offers nondual yoga retreats with Joan Ruvinsky in Montreal and other Canadian and US cities.
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just this

just all its simplicity......welcoming what is here already......not coming......not going......obscured even by seeking......

So we meet in the paradox of apparent teachings, retreats, trainings or gatherings, to celebrate and explore this nameless presence that we are. At first, there is the tendency to accentuate the myriad of practices the yoga tradition has developed, to focus on concepts like nondual, true nature, awareness, self-inquiry or other-inquiry.

But all this activity eventually leads us to a giving up. And in this surrender what is revealed is seen to be what has always been here, before the search began, during its full intensity and after its cessation. The task turns out to be ceding to stillness, and in that stillness the recognition of just this.

Falling back and resting in what is so familiar that it has been overlooked during all the body sensing yoga, during all the pranayama, all the yoga nidra and amidst all the dialogues, amidst life itself, we find our self simply sinking back into just this.

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about pathless yoga

Our beloved teacher "Joan" was reabsorbed into timeless spaciousness. She was speaking out about the mystery of reabsorption right until the dissolution of speech. She wanted it to be known that Pathless Yoga continues in the absence of her presence, in the presence of her absence and in the absence of her absence.

joan After encountering numerous dead-ends in the path-finding project, and having collected the regular approbations from various yoga lineage explorations, Joan Ruvinsky was drawn back to the solitude of the mountains. There, in the mountains, what was recognised led to her to meeting Jean Klein in 1989. Klein, having never taken himself to be a teacher, eliminated the need to be a student, to have a path, a method or a goal. Finally at home in the non-dual wisdom teachings, Joan offers satsang, body and breath sensing in the Kashmir Yoga tradition, and text study groups at her center, Pathless Yoga La Voie sans voie, in Montreal as well as at retreats and seminars in Canada and the US, both in French and English. She is the author of a poetry collection, This Wind, and the forthcoming book, Live Like a Casserole: Musings on Non-Duality in Everyday Life.

Profoundly influenced by the non-dual teachings of Jean Klein as offered through Joan Ruvinsky and Éric Baret, Kathleen Knipp shares her love of Pathless Yoga body and breath sensing, the texts of Kashmir Shaivism and iRest® Yoga Nidra in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada and in the US. Having assisted in the development of the iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher training curriculum under the direction of Richard Miller, PhD, she acts as a supervisor for its certification candidates and maintains a private practice offering dyadic yoga nidra.

A former resident of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, an E-RYT500 yoga teacher and co-founder and former director of Global Yoga Journeys, Kathleen has been fully absorbed in the study and practice of yoga for more than 20 years. She pursues her bliss by chanting, hiking and back-packing, preferring wandering in the woods and exploring the meditations from the Vijñâna Bhairava over most sorts of formal practice.

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We are invited to recognize how deeply we are loved. We are Love... We are made of Love. The whole universe is hung together on the gravitational pull of Love. This isn't horizontal love. This is swimming in an ocean of pure "capital L" Love. And so when we give ourselves to that Love, we are ready to die.        
Joan Ruvinsky

Interview with Joan Ruvinsky

This interview with Joan was conducted in Montreal by Jean-Claude Leblond for Yoga Mondo, a French Quebec yoga magazine.

pathless yoga - nondual yoga and nondual retreatsYM : Where did you study yoga and how did you come to teach ?

JR : Ultimately, there is only one place to study yoga, and that is in oneself.

The notion of “studying” yoga risks leading us in a false direction. Yoga is not fundamentally something one can know. One can know the history of yoga. One can know the texts of yoga. One can know the philosophies of yoga. One can know the practices of yoga. But yoga ultimately is not something one knows, but rather something that one is.

Certainly one of the three pillars of Kriya Yoga, according to Patañjali is study, svadyaya, the study of oneself, the study of the scriptures. But the knowledge gained from study does not culminate in the knowledge of an object, of an entity in space/time, or of a set of principles, but rather culminates in the knowledge of the knower itself. In all the ancient venerable traditions, some form of study is basic, but the ultimate the recommendation obtains: “Know thyself.”

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Listen to recordings from Joan's retreats

Audio excerpt recorded at a Bodysensing Intensive in Montreal:
A sensing practice with sound (13 minutes - 18 MB)

These audio excerpts were recorded at a retreat in California:
An introduction to body sensing yoga (5 minutes 5 seconds - 7 MB)
A meditation on the senses and the elements (9 minutes 40 seconds - 13 MB)

Miscellaneous Meanderings
full meanderings collection

Not News
So here's the not-news:
Just in case there was any confusion about This, the me-costume we are wearing is not permanent. In good times it could be seen as bad news. In bad times it could be seen as good news.
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Me and My Thoughts
What to do!? What to do!? All this thinking is driving me crazy.
trinchera pool It seems we are in a massive think-a-long, one thought clambering after another, some overlapping, some tripping over each other, others lagging behind and holding up the rest of the gang for a moment. The whole thought marathon is just barreling along. Sometimes there are rapid changes of direction, mid-course corrections, other times it’s just a headlong, headstrong directionless gallop.
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Joan's Only Cartoon.. Work in regress.
see cartoon...

Live Like a Casserole
Somewhere in the flurry of nondual concepts, there is this notion of no doer, or as Casteneda's Don Juan says, not doing. It's not quite the same as not doing the laundry and winding up without clean clothes...or leaving a sink full of dirty dishes. Both of these are doings. It's not a question of doing nothing, because that, in itself, is doing something. If 'I' am resting, 'I' am engaged in the activity of restfulness.
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The Yoga of Contradiction
What kind of lineage is this? ...... where self means no-self, where emptiness means fullness, and fullness means emptiness, or both. If you think you know, you don’t and if you don’t know, you do.
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Poetry by Joan Ruvinsky

horsefallSunset on the Last Day of Hunting Season

What deer still remain are far back in the woods by now.
They count their losses. The others count
their trophies. The score is even.
It’s always a tie in the duality game.

Guy sitting in a field

Guy sitting in a field
        (it’s Sunday)
stringing a kite –

field sitting in the sun
shaking off an early snow –

space, posing as sky,
sucks up the whole business into itself –

guy thinks he’s flying the kite.

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retreats & events
Cliquez ici pour plus d’information sur les retraites en français

read reflections from retreat participants

Willow Springs, MO
dates TBD
3-Day Silent Retreat: The Everyday Miracle

Celebrating in community the fullness that is already here—the everyday miracle. Life as practice, practice as Life.
Information and registration: Mary Menefee   505-573-3866
3-day retreat including single housing and vegetarian meals

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shiva rock
2018 autumn session 2
More information:
To register: call  (514) 885-6841 or email kk at pathlessyoga dot com

weekly gatherings with kathleen offered at 5425 park avenue in montreal

Tuesdays                Oct 30   Nov 6, 13, 20, 27   Dec 4 

Meditative Yoga        6:30 - 7:30 PM                   
Yoga Nidra                7:45 - 8:45 PM

Wednesdays            Oct 31   Nov 7, 14, 21, 28   Dec 5           

Yoga Nidra                10:00 - 11:00 AM                                         

Cost and Registration:
6-week Session     $90 /1 class per week      $150 /2 classes per week        Drop-in                  $20 /class
Payment                Interac, cash or check

Do these days not coordinate well with your schedule? Please contact me.
With enough interest, I may be able to offer additional classes at another time

pratyabhijñahrdayam study group
Exploration of a 20-verse, 11th century text, The Recognition of Our Own Heart, using comparative translation, including experiential practices and discussion of the non-dual philosophy of Self-recognition in Tantric Kashmiri Shaivism. No experience with text study is necessary, simply an interest in understanding Consciousness in its play as ourselves.
The group is on-going. We will begin the first session with a review and continue with verse 7.

Wednesdays       6:30 - 8:30 PM   
Sept 19    Oct 3, 17, 31    Nov 14, 28 
$150 for 6 sessions

sunday kirtan and meditation    5425 park ave
will resume in the winter              Optional donation

Half an hour of devotional chanting  and half an hour of silent meditation followed by tea and satsang.   
No pre-registration necessary.    Open to all

gatherings with joan
by meditation only

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Éric Baret

Tina Koskelo

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