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deconstructing iRest webinar

The date has passed. Thanks to everyone who attended!
The video will soon be available for purchase on the IRI website.
A fun, informative, and interactive community hour. Using the 10-Step iRest Yoga Nidra Protocol as a framework, Kathleen will analyze the structure, pace, components, and language of one of her iRest practices, discussing the rationale for each of the various elements included and, in particular, offering a methodology for investigating a series of beliefs during an iRest group practice.

Offered through the iRest Institute, the webinar is available to all iRest teachers, Level 1 and above, and is perfect for those wishing
to enhance their delivery and technique of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation. Upon registration, participants will be given the recording that Kathleen will be deconstructing to listen to and study in advance. Come prepared with questions and comments.

Register here: https://www.irest.org/webinar-access-deconstructing-irest

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