Pathless Yoga offers nondual yoga retreats with Joan Ruvinsky in Montreal and other Canadian and US cities.
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reflections from pathless yoga retreat participants

I had an absolutely wonderful solo retreat in the Chiricahua Mountains in the Coronado National Wilderness area with Kathleen's masterful understated guidance. It is a remote and wild area in AZ, which embraced me with great beneficence.

The cabin is delightful.  It sits along a creek with beautiful flat rocks for meditation and basking in the sun. The cabin itself has all of the comforts: electricity, indoor plumbing and a well-equipped kitchen.  Kathleen and Greg (sometimes with my assistance) prepared fabulous meals.  We even had a little joke about calling the retreat  “treats & eats”.

Kathleen adapted her suggestions and structure based upon my needs.  In addition to her guidance about hiking in the mountains, she also led us in body sensing and other non-dual practices.  Since I had interest to go off into the mountains alone for solo meditation and exploration, Kathleen’s responsible watchfulness and her trust in life allowed me the freedom to explore my "growing edges”, while knowing in a very real sense that I wasn’t “alone”.
It served me well.

My time there was magical and profound…

MO, Amherst, MA

This was my first retreat with Pathless Yoga since Joan died, so I was not sure what to expect. It was one of the best retreats I had ever attended. Kathleen and Tina, you did a seamless job of teaching, with the help of Jeanne on yoga nidra. You both seemed to be "channeling" Joan many times, so it felt like not much of a transition. There was a sweetness and playfulness between you that was engaging and made the retreat really fun, while maintaining the sharpness of Joan's focus on the sacredness of the teachings. I was very impressed and had a wonderful time!

JW, Columbia, MO

Kathleen and Tina - Many thanks to both of you for the seminar. You are both very inspiring teachers, very creative and poetic, and you complement each other very well. I had amazing experiences and insights throughout the day. This practice is new for me, and the discoveries are many and quite amazing. I look forward to practicing with you again.

JB, Montreal, QC

I was very fortunate to recently attend a weekend retreat with Tina and Kathleen. They provided a serene and dynamic environment to safely go deep. I very much appreciated both the guidance and the space for independent work that was skillfully provided. A wonderful experience.

JH, Toronto, ON

It's now one week after your retreat and wow, what an extraordinary week it was. Everything seems different and yet the same but different. First off I noticed that the work with my patients was easier, deeper, and more contactful since I was more detachedly engaged with a more attuned kind of presence. Also I was able to listen more fully, more unconditionally, and more patiently. And my responses seemed to be more organic and less "I" derived... somehow as if they simply arose and unfolded through me without much deliberation or effort.

It was a full week being fully immersed in the activity and turmoil of NYC, but somehow I felt an easy feeling throughout the week, knowing that if some anxiety or tension arose all I'd need to do was just allow myself to move back into that open, expansive field of pure awareness and things would just take care of themselves.

So once again, I must thank you, for one of the most deeply moving, rewarding, and experientially nourishing workshops I've ever attended.

MM, New York, NY

It’s been about 2 weeks since the retreat. From the outside my life hasn’t changed at all. But from the inside I feel a strong wave of peace and I recognize an ever present soft purr in the background. I think just being with you and everyone else at the retreat helped me recognize its presence.

KB, Littleton, CO

Pathless Yoga - Nondual Retreats with Joan RuvinskyWhat a joy the retreat was. A precious pearl. My heart is full of gratitude, and the feeling of – what luck! – to be in a small group in an expansive terrain with you... The experience of going back and forth between being the observer (even that, a gift) and observing in global awareness, becoming aware that “This” is real and present right now. This, the missing piece of the puzzle before, now available. Enlivening happening. Thank you.

ST, Guerneville, CA

Thank you again for a truly amazing retreat. I had a very good experience, although I'm baffled by the way that one day things were as clear as the blue sky and the next day I felt as dense and dull as a dirt clod. Non-attachment, non-grasping, being with what is, not striving to achieve: I tried to keep all these in mind as my experience flowed from one extreme to the other! Being together with you is profoundly nourishing for my heart.

EH, Merritt Island, FL

I want to sincerely thank you for your teachings. It might be awkward to describe in words the revelations, insights and moving richness of my retreat experience. It was our collective work, and play!, most of it in silence, that made the time and place so relevant. Your approach and profound attention allowed for emerging truths, most times delightful, and artfully, lovingly found.

AM, New Windsor, NY

I worked with the question, “Who am I” in this retreat. I asked that to myself often as I noticed the I-thought take charge. I loved the freedom that I felt from welcoming and accepting the physical feelings of having a cold and what was showing up. Touching quiet, peace and joy allowed me to revisit spacious awareness after the retreat.

SM, Bakers Mills, NY

Pathless Yoga - Nondual Retreats with Joan RuvinskyThank you for everything, the talks, the exercises, all given in the light of your deep awakening.

FR, Montreal, QC

I love that during the Opening Evening, Joan apologizes in advance for the teachings – not because of them but because of what we tend to do with them in our own minds. It's a refreshing reminder. Driving home was a trip. Time was endless. Breaking my own silence on the road home – you can’t break silence. It’s always there.

JK, Silver Spring, MD

Retreats with Joan have been beyond words for me... their resonance is ever present.

LO, Emporia, KS

What a treat to be on retreat with you! Thank you again for the teachings, friendship and space created to move into Stillness and recognize presence is always here.

VA, Salt Lake City, UT

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